The product

It consists of a levelling device for lifeboats, and is designed to be able to safely lower a lifeboat from a ship even when the vessel is heeling even more than the regulatory 20░. The device is composed of both fixed and moving wheels and the whole thing is controlled by an electrical panel, the real brains behind the system.

A brief presentation of the device is given below

These are the four stages involved in launching the lifeboat. The last phase is the critical one because the sliding motion of the lower wheels causes the lifeboat to lean towards the side of the ship when you step into it, rather than lean in the opposite direction. This is where the ALISSA mechanism comes into play, correcting the angle by a few degrees.

While the lower wheels twist the lifeboat towards the ship's side, the upper wheel automatically restores the boat's horizontal position, extending outwards as far as necessary. Once the boat has reached the surface of the sea, the hoist cable can be released and the boat is ready to move away safely.

The current situation!

The situation with ALISSA

If the lifeboat does not meet any obstacles it descends normally

But if the lifeboat hits the side of the ship leaning at angle α (alpha), it will tend to be skewed outwards due to friction or obstacles. This is clearly dangerous for the occupants.